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We have made a Tanzanite buying guide to help  you as you look to purchase this rare gemstone. Whenever you are buying Tanzanite you should make sure that your stone has been graded and comes with a ‘certificate of authenticity’, which will provide a full breakdown of information about the gemstone.



We are a leading manufacturer, supplier and wholesaler of all kinds of Gold and Silver Jewelry. These jewelry products are beautifully designed with highly pure gold and silver and feature the latest styles and trends in the fashion industry.


Using our in-house computer aided design program, alter live existing designs to turn a piece of jewelry you like into a personalized piece you love.

Analyis & Testing

Nubian Germs is s the authoritative gemstone testing facility in Tanzania. We have been using Renishaw’s high performance confocal Raman microscopes to perform non-destructive identification and characterisation of gemstones, such as tanzanite and diamond.

In addition, Renishaw’s inVia is used in crystal defect research, gem inclusion analysis and determining whether gem fissures have been filled. inVia is an ideal tool for the analysis of beryl, in which there are many solid, liquid and gas phase inclusions. A combined spectrum of these inclusions and beryl base is obtained, from which the constituents can be identified from a database of liquid and gas reference spectra.


We offer a full line of lapidary services in our shop including cutting and polishing of your specimens. These services are priced in volume for rock dealers, but we also offer polishing services for private collectors subject to the minimum shop order shown below. Due to the overhead time involved in keeping track of and packaging/invoicing individual orders we cannot accept custom work for orders smaller than the shop minimum. 


We have selected Tanzanite to be our mainstream product with the aim to provide the whole chain value adding services from cutting and polishing to customary Jewelry making.


With Certified gemmologists and modern laboratory equipment, Nubian Gems Ltd is set to bring you the state of art laboratory for gemstone analysis and testing in Tanzania. This pressing demand  come as the result of imitation and synthetic gemstones that are sold by unfaithful gemstone dealers in the market.


We offer a full line of lapidary services in our workshops including cutting and polishing of your specimen for different purposes such as engagement rings, pendants and other jewelry accessories.

We also offer lapidary services for high volumes to gemstone dealers as well as private gem collectors.