Nubian Gems

A Lethal Combination of Power, Luxury, and Beauty.


Exquisitely Forged

Designed to the very last detail, forged from the rarest of gemstones to give you the life that you deserve.

Discover Rare Jewelries

Forged in the heart of Africa, Nubian Gems are as rare as they get.

Accessories that Affect Your Life

Experience luxury that comes with power, love, and peace of mind.

Need help in choosing the right gems?

Tell us your story and let us help us forge a jewelry that suits just you.


Tanzanite is believed to facilitates communication access to ancient wisdom and knowledge as ot opens the Crown Chakra to show the visualizations of higher spiritual realms. It is good for spiritual exploration and inner journeys as it aids visualizations in meditation.. We say surely its a must have for everyone!